Suspending resonant photonic device based on silicon substrate nitride material and preparation method for same



The invention discloses a suspending resonant photonic device based on a silicon substrate nitride material and a preparation method for the same. The photonic device realizes a wafer with a silicon substrate III nitride serving as a carrier, and comprises a silicon substrate layer and a top nitride device layer arranged on the silicon substrate layer, wherein the silicon substrate layer is provided with a cubic cavity penetrating through the lower surface of the top nitride device layer, and the top nitride device layer is positioned in a suspending portion on the upper portion of the cavity and has a nano photonic device structure. By the aid of the suspending resonant photonic device based on the silicon substrate nitride material and the preparation method for the same, interaction of optical waves and the suspending photonic device can be realized, integration of the preparation method and the silicon microelectronic technology is facilitated, and silicon-based photo-electronic devices are implemented.




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