Anti-slide parking brake device for vehicle



The invention relates to an anti-slide parking brake device for a vehicle, which comprises a brake drum, a brake shoe, an inner disc and a base. Circular arc-shaped edge convex strips are respectively arranged at the upper part and the lower part of the front surface of the base; two stoppers are arranged at one of the left side and the right side of the front surface of the base; upper and lower micro switches are respectively arranged on the opposite surfaces of the two stoppers; the inner disc is placed between two edge convex strips of the base and is in sliding connection with the base through bolts; four limit bosses and a shifting block positioned between the two stoppers of the base are arranged on the circumferential surface of the inner disc; the two side surfaces of the one convex edge strip are respectively provided with spring holes; a spring for propping against the side surface of the limit boss at the side is arranged in each spring hole; a main shaft is fixed on the brake drum; the inner disc and the base are respectively provided with central holes; a bearing is arranged in each central hole; and one end of the main shaft is fixedly connected with an output shaft of a transmission case of the vehicle through two bearings. With the adoption of the anti-slide parking brake device, a starting state of the vehicle on a slope can be detected and judged on a real-time basis, and a hand brake operation instruction is sent out to prevent slide. The anti-slide parking brake device has the advantages of strong adaptability, a simple structure and reliable performance.




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