Combustion structure of kiln



The invention relates to a high-efficiency combustion structure of a kiln, which is used for solving problems of low heat efficiency and the like due to an unreasonable design of a flaming port in an existing kiln structure. The inside of the combustion structure is triangular, the appearance of the combustion structure is a right trapezoid, the combustion structure comprises a flaming port arch, a flaming port, nozzles, an oblique arch and a bottom plate, wherein the flaming port arch is connected with the oblique arch, the bottom plate is disposed below the oblique arch, a cavity between the bottom plate and the oblique arch forms an combustion air nozzle, the flaming port is disposed at one end, which is close to the flaming port arch, of the bottom plate, and a plurality of natural gas nozzles are disposed on the flaming port. The combustion structure of the kiln has the advantages that both the oblique arch and the bottom plate have downward inclinations, each nozzle is separated from the flaming port arch by a transverse distance, the combustion structure is favorable for sufficiently mixing natural gas with secondary air, simultaneously, carbon granules are dissolved out, and flame radiation intensity is improved. Simultaneously, the nozzles are designed to be trumpet-shaped, and are favorable for expanding flame, ash can be conveniently cleaned due to an inspection hole, and the service life of the combustion structure is prolonged.




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