Device for processing and cooking of foodstuffs



The device (1) for the processing and cooking of foodstuffs includes a base (2), a container (3) with, on the outer side of its bottom (4), a fixed protecting shell (5) by means of which the container (3) stands in a positioning housing (6) provided on said base (2), a lid (7) to close said container (3), electrical heating means supported by said container (3), a shaft (12) carrying tools (13) rotatably supported inside said container (3), electric means for powering said shaft (12), and safety means at least capable of mechanically clamping the container (3) into its positioning housing (6) and of activating the electric feed of said powering means when said lid (7} moves from an open position to a closed position of said container (3) positioned in said positioning housing (6), the safety means comprising kinematic system for reversibly transforming the movement of the lid (7),between its open position and its closed position into a reversible translation stroke of a first clamping element (26) between a withdrawn position within said protecting shell (5) and an extended position outside said shell (5) wherein said first clamping element (26) engages a first clamp housing (27) provided in said positioning housing (6} and triggers a first micro-switch (28) generating a signal to activate said electric feed of said powering means.




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