Mixed organic solvent-thermal method for preparing spherical or hollow spherical BiVO4



The invention relates to a mixed organic solvent-thermal method for preparing spherical and hollow spherical BiVO4, and belongs to the technical field of BiVO4. The method comprises the steps of: adding Bi(NO3)3 and NH4VO3 at a stoichiometric ratio of 1:1 to a mixed liquid of ethanol, acetylacetone and concentrated HNO3 at a volume ratio of 9:1:1, sufficiently dissolving, adding oleyl amine at a molar ratio of oleyl amine to Bi(NO3)3 being 15.5:1, adjusting the pH of the solution to 1.5 or 5 with triethanolamine, transferring the solution to a stainless steel autogenous pressure kettle with apolytetrafluoroethylene inner lining at a volume filling degree of 80%, carrying out heat treatment at 100 DEG C for 12 hours, cooling, filtering the product, washing, drying, placing in a muffle furnace, heating to 400 DEG C at a heating rate of 1 DEG C/min and burning for 4 hours. According to the invention, the process is simple; and the target product has a controllable particle appearance and crystalline phase structure, and has excellent application prospects in photocatalysis, electrode materials, pigments, ionic conduction ceramics and other fields.




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