Preparation method for green light-excited long afterglow phosphor with warm color



The invention relates to a preparation method for green light-excited long afterglow phosphor with warm color. All the conventional red phosphors are low in luminous intensity or short in afterglow time, or cause environment pollution, so that the practical requirements cannot be met. Through the adoption of the invention, red phosphor Ba2Zn1-xS3 : xMn2+ excited by green light is coated on the surface of green long afterglow phosphor SrAl2O4 : Eu2+, Dy3+; and the thickness of the red phosphor can be controlled, so as to realize the purpose of efficient warm color long afterglow radiating with green-olivine-yellow-orange-red lights. The preparation method solves the problem that the afterglow time of the conventional directly prepared red phosphors is short, thereby being a new way for preparing warm color long afterglow materials.




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