Simulated electrostatic feedback control method and circuit based on complementary pulse width modulation technology



The invention discloses a simulated electrostatic feedback control method and circuit based on a complementary pulse width modulation technology. The feedback control circuit can be combined with a capacitive-type micro-accelerometer and a common capacitance read-out front end to form a closed-loop capacitive-type micro-accelerometer read-out system. The circuit comprises a comparing unit for comparing an externally-input feedback control voltage (Vin-FB) with an internally-generated saw-tooth voltage, a saw-tooth wave generator with an enabling end, a logic block used for generating two complementary control clocks, and a plurality of electrostatic feedback control switches. The whole circuit is controlled by an electrostatic feedback control clock (phFB). The circuit is connected with the capacitive-type micro-accelerometer through three terminal interfaces TOP, CTR and BOT to achieve the effect of high-linearity simulated electrostatic feedback, and the degree of linearity is insensitive to structural mismatch of the micro-accelerometer.




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