Door assembly, in particular for helicopter, provided with emergency release device



The present invention discloses a Door Assembly, in Particular for a Helicopter, Provided with an Emergency Release Device, the door assembly (1), in particular for a helicopter, has a post (6); a door (8) fitted to the post by a first and second hinge (28, 27) arranged on an outer wall (31) of the post (6), so as to rotate about a hinge axis (9) to open and close a door opening (3); and an emergency release device (50) having a release handle (51), and a rod (44) which extends through the post (6) along a release axis (45) substantially perpendicular to the hinge axis (9), rotates axially, in response to operation of the release handle (51), from a first to a second angular position to detach the door (8) from the post (6), and is fixed at one axial end (43) to the first hinge (28); the release handle (51) being connected to the rod (44) to rotate together with the rod (44) about its release axis (45).




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