Film transistor and its manufacturing method



The invention provides a film transistor and its manufacturing method. The manufacturing method comprises the steps of forming a grid on a substrate. A grid insulating layer is formed on the substrate for covering the grid. A semiconductor material layer is formed on the grid insulating layer. An etching termination material layer is formed on the semiconductor material layer above the grid. The etching termination material layer is provided with a first block and a second block arranged on the two sides of the first block. The thickness of the first block is greater than the thickness of the second block. The etching termination material layer comprises organic / inorganic hybrid material. The etching termination material layer is adopted as the masking and part of the semiconductor material layer is removed so as to form a channel layer. The second block of the etching termination material layer is removed so as to form an etching termination layer. The etching termination layer covers part of the channel layer. The part of the channel layer covered with the etching termination layer is formed with a source electrode and a drain electrode.




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