Prediction method of breaking strength and toughness of brittle film



The invention discloses a prediction method of breaking strength and toughness of a brittle film, comprising the following steps: A, using a four-points bending experiment to obtain a relation curve which shows that a film internal fissure density changes with a bending strain value; B, based on stress transmitting conditions of in the film structure under the effect of a four-points bending load, establishing a theory prediction model of the relationship between the film internal fissure density and the bending strain value; C, establishing a theory relation curve between the film internal fissure density and the bending strain value under different critical strain values; and D, selecting a theory relation curve in the step C, and determining that a critical strain value corresponding to the theory relation curve is a critical strain value that leads to the start of the film internal fissure, wherein, the selected theory relation curve in the step C is most consistent with the relation curve in the step A. According to the invention, a critical strain value of starting fissure of the brittle film under the effect of a four-points bending tension can be accurately predicted, simultaneously, the influence of residual stress of the film is considered in the calculation of the breaking strength and toughness of the film.




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