Comfortable and efficient radiant plate air-conditioner terminal



The invention provides a comfortable and efficient radiant plate air-conditioner terminal, which relates to the field of modern central air-conditioning, in particular to a heat transmission method of a modern air-conditioner cooling and heating system terminal as well as terminal equipment and structure. The air-conditioner terminal mainly comprises a honeycomb structure radiant plate, a packing layer, a heat insulation layer, a radiation buffer plate and the like. The unique structure effectively solves the problems of easiness in condensation, insufficiency of refrigeration capacity, complication in installation, unevenness in local temperature and the like existed in radiation of a coiler or a capillary tube; and the problems that a fan coil air-conditioning system has large noise and high energy consumption, and an air hose is internally accumulated with dust, dirty sundries so as to be difficult to clean and easy to breed a large amount of bacteria do not exist. The air-conditioner terminal is convenient to install, has high heat exchange efficiency, is not easy to block, has no condensation phenomenon, provides uniform indoor temperature, effectively realizes high efficiency and energy conservation, and creates a comfortable environment with constant temperature, cleanness and quiet.




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