Electrical driver



The invention relates to an electrical driver having a motor (18) with a rotor (90) and a stationary stator (104), which has a coil arrangement, and having a motor controller (20) for controlling the motor (18), with the motor controller (20) being configured to pass current through the coil arrangement in order to produce an excitation field, with the coil arrangement having a plurality of coil winding sections (106), and with each coil winding section (106) having a plurality of coil sections (110, 112, 114), wherein the polarity of at least one coil section (112, 114) of the plurality of coil sections (110, 112, 114) of each coil winding section (106) can be selectively reversed with respect to the other coil sections (110) of the coil winding section (106). The driver (16) is particularly suitable for use for an electrical tool (10).




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