Heat supply structure for furnace bottom of anode roasting furnace



The invention relates to a heat supply structure, in particular to a heat supply structure for the furnace bottom of an anode roasting furnace, which is applied to open type anode roasting furnaces in the production field of anodes for aluminum. The heat supply structure for the furnace bottom of the anode roasting furnace is formed by following structures that a heating channel is arranged at the bottom of a furnace cavity, one end of the heating channel is communicated with a burning channel, and the other end of the heating channel is communicated with a smoke exhaust channel which is provided with smoke exhaust holes communicated with a flame path wall. The heat supply structure has the advantages of obviously improving temperature difference in a material bin of the anode roasting furnace, being favorable of improving quality of anode products, improving rate of finished products and economic benefits of roasting work sections, providing precondition for reducing temperature of aflame path, obviously reducing fuel consumption of anode roasting production, remarkably prolonging service life of the flame path wall, effectively prolonging overhaul period of the anode roasting furnace, saving maintenance cost of the furnace, simultaneously reducing emission of solid rubbish brought by furnace maintenance remarkably, and being simple in structure, economic, practical and easyto implement.




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