Processing method for engineering diamond core drill matrix



The invention relates to the technical field of core drill bits, in particular to a processing method for an engineering diamond core drill matrix, which aims to solve the problems of low efficiency, low precision and more loss of traditional engineering diamond core drill matrix processing technique. The processing method is characterized in that the engineering diamond core drill matrix comprises a steel pipe, a joint piece and a joint, the outer diameter of the joint piece is equal to that of the steel pipe, a boss is arranged at the connection position of the joint piece with the steel pipe, the outer diameter of the boss is in clearance fit with the inner diameter of the steel pipe, a plurality of concave teeth are evenly distributed on the periphery of an inner hole of the joint piece, convex teeth matched with the concave teeth are arranged at one end of the joint, the steel pipe is processed and clamped by an elastic sleeve device of a center frame, the elastic sleeve device is provided with a tubular elastic sleeve, a steel pipe positioning seat is arranged at one end of an inner hole of the elastic sleeve, a plurality of through grooves are axially arranged on the wall of the elastic sleeve, and a positioning sleeve and a locking nut are mounted on the outer circumference of the elastic sleeve. Fewer raw materials are consumed, and production efficiency is high.




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