Cold core making method



The invention relates to a cold core making method, which comprises the following steps of: preparing a plastic bag with an opening, putting the plastic bag into an embedded core die, filling the plastic bag with fillers, and sealing the opening of the plastic bag to obtain an embedded core; putting the embedded core into a cold core box, and making a core by using a cold core box making process to obtain a sand box with the embedded core; and taking the sand core with the embedded core from the cold core box, opening the opening of the plastic bag of the embedded core, taking the fillers out, and taking the plastic bag out to obtain the sand box. In the invention, a core is made in a core embedding way instead of a casting way, so that the quantity of sand cores for producing a cast can be reduced, the structure of the cast can be optimized, the weight is reduced, different complex structures are designed, materials are utilized fully, energy is saved, the environment is protected, and pollution is lowered.




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