Cement paste fluidity test device with high precision and high sensitivity and test method



The invention relates to a cement paste fluidity test device and a test method. The device consists of an iron stand, an H pipe, a pipe plug and a measuring cylinder, wherein the H pipe is fixed on a fixture of the iron stand; a paste outlet of the H pipe is sealed by the pipe plug; and the measuring cylinder is arranged below the paste outlet of the H pipe so that the central axis of the H pipe is superposed with the central axis of the measuring cylinder. The test method comprises the following steps of: 1) weighing the cement, weighing water and additives according to the experiment mix proportion, and stirring the neat cement paste; 2) testing the paste fluidity of the neat cement paste; 3) selecting the H pipe according to the paste fluidity of the neat cement paste, sealing the paste outlet with the pipe plug, and fixing the H pipe on the iron stand; and 4) quickly filling the H pipe with the neat cement paste, and removing the pipe plug while starting the timing to record the flowing time of 50 mL and 100 mL of the paste. Through the test method provided by the invention, the paste fluidity change caused by various reasons can be accurately measured; and the method has high sensitivity and wide test range, and is easy to operate and susceptible to few influence factors.




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