Image Processing Device And Method


  • Inventors: SATO KAZUSHI
  • Assignees: 索尼公司
  • Publication Date: February 01, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-102342108-A


The present invention relates to an image processing device and method which enable increase in compressed information to be suppressed, and also enable prediction precision to be improved. A precision flag generating unit 93 compares the precision parameters of the motion vector information of a current block from a current motion vector precision determining unit 91, and the precision parameters of the motion vector information of an adjacent block from an adjacent motion vector precision determining unit 92, and generates a precision flag indicating whether the precision of the motion vector information of the current block, and the precision of the motion vector information of the adjacent block agree or differ. This precision flag is output to a lossless encoding unit 66 and encoded along with motion vector information mvd E and so forth in the event that a prediction image in the optimal inter prediction mode has been selected by a prediction image selecting unit 77. The present invention may be applied to an image encoding device which performs encoding using the H.264/AVC system, for example.




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