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US-2852929-A: Lock mechanism patent, US-2852990-A: Separation or batching of substantially flat sheets of material continuously emerging from a machine patent, US-2880389-A: Electrical resistivity well logging patent, US-2881617-A: Pressure measuring instrument patent, US-2882252-A: Paste pointing synthetic resinous composition patent, US-2885791-A: Celestial navigation trainer patent, US-2896724-A: Cold flow preventing packing structures patent, US-2898767-A: Tuner patent, US-2916727-A: Data processing system patent, US-2928479-A: Sidewalk and curb edger patent, US-2928681-A: Nestable wheeled tray carrying rack patent, US-2941209-A: Protective helmet with removable suspension patent, US-2958967-A: Pressing machine patent, US-2961161-A: Control devices for automatic machine tools patent, US-2971467-A: Condensate pump patent, US-2984804-A: Control device patent, US-2993995-A: Radiation detection system patent, US-2998112-A: Demountable building inner liner patent, US-3003021-A: Bus duct patent, US-3010345-A: Tube drill patent, US-3017058-A: Combination coat and trouser hanger patent, US-3022743-A: Injector pump patent, US-3039272-A: Fluid actuating device patent, US-3059334-A: Power operated shear patent, US-3066644-A: Machine for simultaneously dispensing a plurality of substantially equal quantities of a viscous substance patent, US-3068245-A: Furfural recovery process patent, US-3072859-A: Four spin flip maser with single maser action patent, US-3076996-A: Bleeding conveyor patent, US-3078439-A: Closed-entry contact patent, US-3090888-A: Cathode ray tube viewing screen for colour television patent, US-3099181-A: Variable angle feed means for paper cutters patent, US-3101445-A: Electrical measuring instrument with a constant speed motor inductively driving a spring biased energized armature patent, US-3111341-A: Automatic locking system for coupling a shipping container to a vehicle frame or the like patent, US-3112421-A: Display screen grid structure for color television tubes patent, US-3125560-A: Cziis patent, US-3139725-A: Steerable solid propellant rocket motor patent, US-3146454-A: Ridged waveguide fed scimitar antenna patent, US-3149954-A: Method of retarding the growth of vegetation patent, US-3151759-A: Decorative covers for water heater thermostats or the like patent, US-3153673-A: Production of aldehydes and alcohols patent, US-3157409-A: Release device for the front tightening member of ski bindings patent, US-3163433-A: Work holding device patent, US-3171176-A: Magnetic holder patent, US-3174926-A: Methods and means for low temperature separation patent, US-3179903-A: Push-pull amplitude modulator patent, US-3188643-A: Circularly polarized omnidirectional cone mounted spiral antenna patent, US-3196979-A: Workman's cage or aerial basket patent, US-3199925-A: Pneumatic or gravity discharge hopper arrangement patent, US-3209917-A: Filter cartridge patent, US-3212224-A: Ceiling or wall paneling structure patent, US-3212804-A: Cover latch patent, US-3213733-A: Three knife book trimmer patent, US-3218924-A: Rear projection screen patent, US-3227338-A: Article carrier patent, US-3229042-A: Automatic telephone dialer of the magnetic storage type patent, US-3234462-A: Polymeric testing by dipole orientation patent, US-3267440-A: Circuit arrangement for reading digital signals patent, US-3279750-A: Diffusion motor patent, US-3290824-A: Closure guiding device patent, US-3292582-A: Small animal cage patent, US-3295520-A: Support device patent, US-3300011-A: Tuning shaft positioning system patent, US-3302173-A: Vehicular signaling system patent, US-3305996-A: Panel fastener patent, US-3306989-A: Magnetic record belt with means for aligning belt patent, US-3316441-A: Fog light system which overrides dimmer resistor for turn indicator lights patent, US-3319826-A: Workpiece transfer device with workpiece head gripping jaws patent, US-3329781-A: Sequential timing device patent, US-3334246-A: Technique for gating a vhf-uhf signal patent, US-3344930-A: Toothbrush holder patent, US-3346738-A: Radiation sensitive high resolution optical tracker patent, US-3347028-A: Air-feed devices for carburetors patent, US-3348345-A: Rotatable porch for a mobile home and method of mounting patent, US-3356793-A: Storage tube target having mosaic of coplanar photoconductive elements and dielectric elements patent, US-3366982-A: Offshore floating terminal patent, US-3369714-A: Dispenser with cartridge aligning means patent, US-3369721-A: Firearm safety box patent, US-3374166-A: Vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus patent, US-3374575-A: Integrally molded flower holder patent, US-3379040-A: Pushbutton lock patent, US-3382596-A: Safety plug for firearm chamber patent, US-3387634-A: Coil-forming device patent, US-3397554-A: Driving arrangement for circular knitting machines patent, US-3399960-A: Potentiometric control of bleaching of kaolin clays patent, US-3401757-A: Drilling rig transportable in sections patent, US-3408534-A: Protective voltage supply circuit patent, US-3417332-A: Frequency shift keying apparatus patent, US-3422201-A: Benzenesulfonylcarbodiimides as anti-diabetic agents patent, US-3432454-A: Viscous aqueous compositions comprising a polymer containing n-vinyl morpholinone and a polymer containing sulfo or carboxyl groups or their salts patent, US-3457693-A: Automatic sorting apparatus and method of sorting patent, US-3465324-A: Synchronous switch remote control system patent, US-3468305-A: Electro-mechanical massage apparatus patent, US-3471364-A: Apparatus for subjecting cellulosic material to counterflow of conditioning fluid patent, US-3472745-A: Fusible alkali-metal salt electrolyte patent, US-3476350-A: Freezing device with helical actuator patent, US-3478312-A: Automotive deceleration signal system patent, US-3481886-A: Polyvinyl alcohol foams and compositions for making the same patent, US-3488641-A: Coincident current read only memory using linear magnetic elements patent, US-3490522-A: Heat exchanger pass separator construction patent, US-3496537-A: Circuit arrangement to supervise an m-out-of-n code patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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